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Biography Paul Scholten (1875-1946)

(Posted by Rogier Chorus, June 2020)

Lawyer and legal scholar Paul Scholten of Amsterdam is renowned as one of the greatest Dutch legal scholars of the twentieth century. His creative thought on law and the interpretation of rules of law continue to be discussed in lawyers’ circles today. His sense of justice was based on his Christian beliefs, something which also continues to inspire a number of contemporary Dutch legal scholars. Scholten was active at both the church level and in politics. He persuaded the Dutch-Reformed Church to take a position against the German occupier in the Second World War. His political conviction was that of a liberal democrat. After the War he joined the PvdA (Labor party).

Paul Scholten was also a gifted administrator who, seen as objective and impartial, was invited to chair numerous societal organizations. His sense of justice prompted Scholten in war time to take an unrelenting attitude of resistance toward the German invader. In doing so he inspired his students, many of whom went on to play an important role in the reconstruction of the country after the War ended.

Many of Scholten’s accomplishments are well known in some circles, but a biography of this multi-faceted personality has yet to be written.

Rogier Chorus, who studied law and recently wrote the biography Alfons Chorus: Portrait of the Man and Psychologist, is now working on a biography of Paul Scholten. He intends to complete this work in 2021.

DPSP Special Issues no 1:

(Posted by Administrator, June 2020)

Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer, ed., Aristotelian Protestantism in Legal Philosophy, Rethinking Paul Scholten for the 21th Century, DPSP Special Issues no 1 (Amsterdam: Digital Paul Scholten Project, 2020).

DPSP Special Issues no 1 contains the printed version of the English translation and adaptation of the first chapter of Paul Scholten’s General Volume, as published in the first volume of DPSP Annual together with the English research contributions in the same Volume, an Introduction about the topicality of Paul Scholten’s work and a short biography of Paul Scholten.

All texts in Aristotelian Protestantism in Legal Philosophy, can also be found on the website in Open Access. The Special Issue (printed book € 50,00 + shippingcosts and e-book € 20,00)

can be ordered by sending an e-mail to


(Posted by Administrator, June 2020)

Paul Scholten Symposium IV (2021)

Organization: Tymen van der Ploeg, Helène Evers, Harry Groenenboom and Wim Borst.

Research Question: Law and Religion

Provisional formulation of the theme: The discourse in the Dutch Reformed Church about new developments in ethics, politics, theology and science in the early 20th century:

-          How these discussions are digested in Scholten’s theoretical work

-          The international theoretical background to which Scholten responds

-          Scholten’s view and activities concerning church organization

The symposium is tentatively scheduled to take place in Autumn 2021.

Two contributions to the symposium are now available on the website in unedited form. An abstract of a forthcoming article has also been posted for the research question Law and Religion independently of the organization of the symposium. (See Articles in Progress)

English translation of the Verzamelde Geschriften (Collected Papers)

The English translation of two essays from Collected Papers is planned for DPSP Annual 2021: Recht en Levensbeschouwing (Law and the Philosophy of Life) (VG 2, 1915) and De Structuur van de Rechtswetenschap (The Structure of Legal Science) (VG 15, 1942). The Structure of Legal Science has already been translated into Indonesian by Arief Sidharta and will also be published in DPSP Annual, 2021. (See Articles in Progress)

Paul Scholten Symposium V (2022)

Provisional formulation of the theme:

The different ethical, political, theological and legal implications of the clash between the old and the new philosophy in the Dutch Republic of the 17th century. Comte’s Second Phase of Constitutionalism, Protestantism and Metaphysics

Research Question: Moral Perfectionism


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