TitleAuthorCategoryResearch questionReview statusDateDownload
Editorial Volume 2021Huppes-CluysenaereditorNot applicable2021PDF
The Reception of the Work of Paul Scholten in the NetherlandsTermorshuizen-ArtsresearchNew perspectives on law and realityreviews2020PDF
Méthode Générale du Droit Privé WielengaeditedreissueNot applicablenot applicable2021PDF
Metode Umum Hukum PerdataHartonoeditedreissueNot applicablenot applicable2021PDF
Research Questions and Research Articles Huppes-CluysenaereditorNot applicablenot applicable2020PDF
Editorial Volume 2020 Huppes-CluysenaereditorNot applicablenot applicable2020PDF
Dispassionate Judges Encountering Hot-headed AristoteliansRappresearchLaw and Emotionreviews2020PDF
Judicial Emotion as Vice or VirtueMaroneyresearchLaw and Emotionreviews2020PDF
Re-appraising Paul ScholtenMoelionoresearchNew perspectives on law and realityreviews2020PDF
Paul Scholten and the Founding of the Batavia RechtshogeschoolDjalinsresearchNew perspectives on law and realityreviews2020PDF
In Search of Scholten’s Legacy ShidartaresearchNew perspectives on law and realityreviews2020PDF
Scholten’s Reflections on Judges’ PracticesKnegtresearchNew perspectives on law and realityreviews2020PDF
Jumping Judgesvan ManenresearchIntuitionreviews2020PDF
Case-Based Reasoning and Formulary ProcedureGardiniresearchLaw and Emotionreviews2020PDF
Trembling Necessity and AnalogyPenteadoresearchLaw and Emotionnot applicable2020PDF
Kelsen and Scholten on Reason and Emotion in Solving CasesCoelhoresearchLaw and Emotionreviews2020PDF
Law and ContextHusaresearchOpen System of Lawreviews2020PDF
From a Legal Order to a Legal System HalpérinresearchOpen System of Lawreviews2020PDF
Algemene Methode van het PrivaatrechtScholteneditedreissueNot applicablenot applicable2020PDF
General Method of Private LawHuppes-CluysenaernewtranslationNot applicablenot applicable2020PDF

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