Collected Papers

Most articles in Verzamelde Geschriften are written in Dutch. Four articles are written in French and one article has already been translated in Indonesian. See French Writings and Indonesian Writings.

DPSP has scanned Verzamelde Geschriften and transformed them into PDF and Word using OCR (optical character recognition). They are available now on this website: Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4. It is also possible to download per article.
The decision to continue DPSP after 2020 entails the decision to continue translating Scholten’s legal philosophical works into English language, particularly the articles assembled in the first two volumes of his collected papers: Verzamelde Geschriften. These articles are more personal and partly of a considerably older date than the Algemeen Deel. An adjustment to modern spelling, grammar and wording is therefore even more necessary for these articles than for the Algemeen Deel.

The English translations of the collected papers will be posted online as a concept in combination with the adapted and the original Dutch versions. A language editing will take place when financially possible. After the language editing has taken place the translations will be published in DPSP Annual in combination with a reissue of the adapted Dutch text.

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