Completion of DPSP in 2020

Although the project was officially terminated on January 1, 2020 in regard of the law faculty of the University of Amsterdam, the faculty was still involved in the settlement of the financial side of the project until mid-2021. Also in terms of content, the project was not fully completed until the end of 2021 with the reissue of the French and Indonesian translation of Chapter 1 of Algemeen Deel.
The total cost of the project over the years 2010-2020 has been €95,900. €4000 of this was donated by the KNAW for the organization of the third Paul Scholten Symposium, €3900 by the Henri Marcel Bregstein Foundation for the organization of the first and third Symposium and €4740 by the AUF (Amsterdam University Fund) on the basis of donations, that were earmarked by the donors for the project before 1 January 2020. The remaining €83,260 was borne by the law faculty.


At the completion of the project, the AUF made a benefit to DPSP of €641 for the restart of the project, based on the earmarked donations it had received for the project after January 1, 2020.
In addition to some minor costs for hosting of the website and income from the sale of DPSP Special Issues no 1, which can be offset against each other (around €300), the costs of the project in 2021 were mainly the programmer: €2420. The intended language edit by a native speaker of the new English translation of no. 2 of the Collected Papers has been postponed until a financial basis has been found. It has been decided to organize the next Symposium online to save costs.


A nice way to donate to the DPSP project is to buy DPSP Special Issues no. 1. From every book sale, €38 goes to the project.
It is also possible to adopt the English translation of one of the Collected Papers by contributing financially to its language editing by a native speaker. The names of the generous donors will be mentioned upon publication. In the case of the translation of no 2, this concerns €2580 (based on offer). If you are considering this, it is good to contact us first, so that it can be determined whether money is still needed to realize the language editing.
Naturally, all forms of donation are very welcome. Deposit can be made in the name of E.A. Huppes-Cluysenaer on the project account NL40INGB0004717380

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