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DPSP Annual, Volume 1 (2020)

Proceedings of the Digital Paul Scholten Project
Editor: Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer
Online ISSN:
e-ISSN 2667-2790 


About this Journal

DPSP Annual is a yearly journal publication related to discussions following the work of legal philosopher Paul Scholten.

DPSP Annual is an e-Journal only. It publishes articles which discuss Scholten’s work in an international context. These include the edited contributions of regularly organized Symposia, which may involve guest editors. Publications relate to Research Questions as have been formulated. Next, adapted reissues and new translations of Scholten’s work are published.

Papers, new Research Questions and Symposium proposals can be submitted in consultation with the Editor. All publications are open access and have an open review process, published with the article. Publications are free of charge.


About the Digital Paul Scholten Project

The Digital Paul Scholten Project (DPSP) is a Digitization, Translation and Publication project. It is dedicated to the legacy of legal scholar Paul Scholten, who lectured at the University of Amsterdam from 1906 until 1945. His work was of central importance for the development of Dutch legal philosophy in the 20th century. His influential perspective on legal methodology aligns with the historical roots of pragmatic Dutch legal culture and is of increasing relevance today, also beyond the Netherlands.

The DPSP research compares Scholten’s writings with other legal philosophical texts across time, countries, and disciplines. An International Paul Scholten Symposium, with a specific theme, is organized regularly. Paper version books will be published on specific themes, bringing together the related Website and e-Journal contributions.




DPSP Annual, Volume 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Pages: 1-5


Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer


Pages: 6-17

Research Questions and Research Articles, Introduction to Volume 1 (2020)

Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer


I. Research

Research Question: Intuition

Pages: 18-37

Jumping Judges, Judicial Discovery of Law

Niels van Manen

Reviews, PDF

Research Question: Open System of Law

Pages: 38-47

From a Legal Order to a Legal System, Scholten’s Contribution to a Theory of Legal Change

Jean-Louis Halpérin

Reviews, PDF

Pages: 48-68

Law and Context, Scholten’s Open System of Law and Legal Harmonisation

Jaakko Husa

Reviews, PDF

Research Question: Law and Emotion

Pages: 69-86

Judicial Emotion as Vice or Virtue, Perspectives Both Ancient and New

Terry Maroney

Reviews, PDF

Pages: 87-107

Dispassionate Judges Encountering Hot-headed Aristotelians

Christof Rapp

Reviews, PDF

Pages: 108-130

Case-Based Reasoning and Formulary Procedure, A Guard against Individual Emotions

Marco Gardini

Reviews, PDF

Pages: 131-144

Kelsen and Scholten on Reason and Emotion in Solving Cases

Nuno M.M.S. Coelho

Reviews, PDF

Pages: 145-159

Trembling Necessity and Analogy, Juridical Reason as Judgment by the Similar

Luciano de Camargo Penteado

(no reviews) PDF

Research Question: New Perspectives on Law and Reality

Pages: 160-196

Paul Scholten and the Founding of the Batavia Rechtshogeschool

Upik Djalins

Reviews, PDF

Pages: 197-237

In Search of Scholten’s Legacy, The Meaning of the Method of Rechtsvinding for the Current Indonesian Legal Discourse


Reviews, PDF

Pages: 238-255

Scholten’s Reflections on Judge’s Practices, An Apology of the Mystery of the Legal Craft

Robert Knegt

Reviews, PDF

Pages: 256-278

The Reception of the Work of Paul Scholten in the Netherlands

Marjanne Termorshuizen-Arts

Reviews, PDF

Pages: 279-305

Re-Appraising Paul Scholten, His Influence on the Development of a National Legal System in Indonesia

Tristam P. Moeliono

Reviews, PDF

II. New Translations

Pages: 306-434

General Method of Private Law, English Translation of the First Chapter of the General Volume of the Asser-serie on Dutch Civil Law, written by Paul Scholten

Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer, Marjanne Termorshuizen-Arts, Cassandra Steer, Paul Scholten


III. Edited Reissues

Pages: 435-554

Algemene Methode van het Privaatrecht, Bewerkte Heruitgave van het Eerste Hoofdstuk van het Algemeen Deel van de Asser-serie


Paul Scholten




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