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The Digital Paul Scholten Project (DPSP) is a Digitization, Translation and Publication project, financed till 2020 by the University of Amsterdam. It is dedicated to the legacy of Paul Scholten, who lectured at the University of Amsterdam from 1906 till 1945 and developed a unique point of view on legal methodology, which aligns with the historical roots of the Dutch pragmatic legal culture.
DPSP research concentrates on Scholten’s legal methodology.
As Scholten remarks in the Preface of Algemeen Deel: ” I believe finally that the jurist can only acquire a true understanding of what law really is by reflecting upon its method”.
The DPSP research is comparative, it aims at a clear and extensive demarcation of Scholten’s methodological view from the views of his contemporaries and precursors in not only the legal discpline, but also the new social sciences and the developments in ethics.
Specific attention is paid to the relation between Scholten’s methodology and his ontological view on the learned practice of law, which entails his religious choice
On a regular base Symposia will be organized.
DPSP Annual is a free open access e-Journal on the DPSP website: e-ISSN 2667-2790
The Symposia contributions will be published in the journal, which also functions as a publication platform for new translations and reissues of Paul Scholten’s writings.
DPSP Special Issues are books containing selections of texts from different volumes of DPSP Annual, tailored to a theme.


The webmaster of the DPSP website, Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer, is the regular editor in chief of DPSP Annual. Guest editors collaborate with the webmaster in the organization of Symposia and in the editing process of the publication of the revised Symposia contributions in DPSP Annual. Guest editors have the final say in the production of Special Issues.
DPSP Special Issues are printed Books or e-Books, which are sold. They consist not only of a selection of Symposia contributions from different year volumes of DPSP Annual but also include new translations and edited reissues of Paul Scholten’s work.

DPSP Special Issue no 1 is published now: ISBN 978-90-9033962-7

Title: Aristotelian Protestantism in Legal Philosophy, Rethinking Paul Scholten for the 21st Century

Can be ordered with an email to dpspdrive@gmail.com.

Printed version (hard copy) € 50 + shipping/packing costs; ebook (PDF) € 20.

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