French Writings

Almost all of Scholten’s work is only available in Dutch. There are a few exceptions:

- A French translation (1954) of the first chapter of the second edition of the Dutch ‘Algemeen Deel’ (comprisinh three chapters): Traité de Droit Civil Néerlandais, Partie Générale, Paul Scholten, traduit par B.E.Wielenga, Préface de Georges Ripert, W.E.J. Tjeenk Willink and S.A.R. Pichon et R. Durand-Auzias, Paris.

- Four articles originally written in French in the Collected Papers
Scholten wrote four articles originally in French. These articles are included, in French, in the Collected Papers (Verzamelde Geschriften, VG) and can be downloaded here:

-        VG 9: ‘L’Interprétation de la Loi et la Justice’,

-        VG 34: ‘L’autorité de l’Etat

-        VG 65: ‘Jean Yver, Les contrats dans le très ancien droit Nor­mand’,

-        VG 66: ‘Convenances vainquent loi’.


Compare French and English translation of the first chapter of ‘Algemeen Deel’.

The French translation will be adapted to the adapted Dutch original in the near future in the same way as the English translation which was made in 2013 was adapted.

It is possible to follow the process of adaptation on the website.

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