In progress

TitleAuthorCategoryResearch QuestionComments
Three Intuitive Concepts in Scholten's Oeuvre: "Rechtsgevoel", "Rechtsbewustzijn" and ConscienceBorstresearchReligion and Lawreviewed, ready to publish
Paul Scholten's view on the judicial decision and the danger of bottomless subjectivismGroenenboomresearchReligion and Lawreviewed, ready to publish
Law and Philosophy of Life, English Translation of Recht en Levensbeschouwing, written by Paul ScholtenHuppes-CluysenaernewtranslationNot applicablepreprint
Bewerkte Heruitgave van Recht en LevensbeschouwingScholteneditedreissueNot applicablepreprint
Struktur Ilmu HukumSidhartanewtranslationNot applicableWill be published in 2024 in combination with an English translation and the newly adapted Dutch original

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