Indonesian Writings

Almost all of Scholten’s work is only available in Dutch. There are a few exceptions:


Algemeen Deel (AD)

- An Indonesian translation (1986, 1992) of the second edition of the complete ‘Algemeen Deel’: Mr. C. Asser Penuntun dalam mempelajari Hukum Perdata Belanda: Bagian Umum, Mr. P. Scholten, Penerjemah: Siti Soemarti Hartono, S.H.,Penyunting Prof. Dr. Sudikno Mertokusomo, S.H., Gadjah Mada University Press, Yogyakarta.

- An Indonesian translation (1985) of the third chapter of the book: Sejarah dan Perkembangan Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Perdata (Burgerlijk Wetboek), P. Scholten, Alih Bahasa: Mr. Koerdi Soemintapoera, Penerbit Armico, Bandung.


Collected Papers (CP)

During the initial phase of the project in 2010,  Arief Sidharta was invited to the editorial board of the project. He had to decline because of his health situation, but he sent us an Indonesian translation he had made of CP 15, De Structuur der Rechtswetenschap. Sidharta gave DPSP permission to publish Struktur Ilmu Hukum in open access. DPSP posted the translation on the website as forthcoming article. The translation will be published in DPSP Annual in the near future in combination with an English translation and an adaptation of the Dutch original text.

It is possible that other translations of Scholten’s texts may be found in Indonesia. The articles of Shidarta, Djalins an Moeliono (DPSP Annual Volume 1 (2020) show how such translations of the works of Dutch legal philosophers circulated at the Universities in Indonesia at the end of the twentieth century.


Side by Sides

It is possible to compare

- the original Dutch text of the complete ‘Algemeen Deel’ in old spelling (ADoud) with the translation made by Hartono (AD ind): Adoud-Ind

- the translation Soemintapoera made of the third chapter of ‘Algemeen Deel ‘with the one made by Hartono: AD hfts.3 Ind2-Ind1

- the translation Soemintapoera made of the third chapter of ‘Algemeen Deel’ with the original Dutch text: AD hfst.3 Ind2-Adoud

- the Indonesian translation of CP15 with the original Dutch version: CP15 Dutch(o)-Ind

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