Received Donations


The DPSP project was funded to 2020 by the following donors:

-        The Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam (€ 69.000), for technical development of the site and three Paul Scholten symposia, held in 2013, 2014 and 2015

-        Henri Marcel Bregstein Stichting (€ 3900) for the First and Third Paul Scholten Symposia

-        KNAW (€ 4000) for the Third Paul Scholten Symposium

-        Personal gift from André Hoekema, member of the Editoral Board (€ 3000, paid to AUF)

-        Gift from old colleagues of Department of Sociology of Law (€1100, paid to AUF)


Future Costs

In the future, the primary costs of the project will concern:

-        organization of symposia,

-        native speaker editing of new translations of Collected Papers

-        a programmer to keep the website up to date technically .



Based on the recommendation of the Faculty of Law, the ‘Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds’ made it possible to contribute to the Digital Paul Scholten Project. Click for further information in Dutch/English Paul Scholten Project – Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds (

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