Law and Philosophy of Life

English Translation of Paul Scholten's First Legal Philosophical Publication

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Law and Philosophy of Life is first published in Synthese in 1915. It is also included in ‘Beschouwingen over Recht’ (Reflections on Law) in 1924 and in the ‘Verzamelde Geschriften’ (Collected Papers) in 1949 (Volume I, no. 2). An adaptaion of the Dutch original text was made as a prepatory step for the English translation and will be published alongside. It is possible to compare the original text with the Dutch adaptation and the English translation on the Dutch part of the website The numbers in the text refer to the textblock-numbering which is made to enable such comparison. The adaptation and translation were made by Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer and further edited with the help of native speaker Jacqueline Schoonheim. The endnotes included with the text have been provided by the translator and edited by the native speaker. When Scholten himself had made such a note, this is indicated in the note.

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