Struktur Ilmu Hukum, Terjemahan bahasa Indonesia dari Koleksi tulisan Paul Scholten no 15

Arief Sidharta
Paul Scholten

DPSP Annual Article in Progress
ISSN: 2667-2790

Digital Paul Scholten Project

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Category: new translation
Article in Progress

Foreword by translators

The Indonesian translation of Verzamelde Geschriften no 15 was sent by translator B. Arief Sidharta to the DPSP Editorial Board in 2013, to be published in the context of the project. In 2021, the text will be published in the DPSP Annual along with the (adapted) original Dutch and a newly created English translation. For now, do not refer to this web version, but use citation data from the ‘Collected Papers’. When referring to page numbers, add

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